HKU Master of Fine Arts

The Groundbreaking Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. Join Asia’s one-of-a-kind arts and research centre, located at the heart of The University of Hong Kong.

The MFA in Creative Writing at HKU is a unique full-time programme at the HKU Black Box. The first of its kind in Hong Kong and Asia, the MFA at HKU features the contemporary creative voice in multilingual contexts. A customised combination of coursework, workshops, studios, and individual advising offers each student opportunities in the artistic environment of the Black Box to explore creative writing, design practices, and the wider vision of a writer’s “built environment” on global audiences. Each writer joins in a community of shared fellowship and passion for creative writing. The Creative Thesis, an original work revised for submission and potential publication at the end of the MFA, marks the beginning of each writer’s lifelong practices and mastery in the journey of creative writing.

What is the MFA at HKU?

The MFA at HKU is a warm and creative home to tackle the history and mastery of craft with lecturers, fellow writers, the support of life-long global partnerships and new artistic friendships.

Come and join the vibrant community of creative writers and mentors in a powerful study of design, history, and cutting edge innovation. The programme develops best individual and collaborative practices of craft and performance in creative writing.

The MFA at HKU leads contemporary writers across languages and genres into signature work. Forever transform your work and spirit as a Creative Writer, when you enter The MFA at HKU through the door of the HKU Black Box and HKU GUILD.

HKU Stats

1st Globally for Most International University (2019 Times Higher Education Rankings)
10th Globally for Impact (2019 Times Higher Education Rankings)
25th in the World Overall (2019 QS World University Rankings)

Why study at The University of Hong Kong?

+ A Top 25 World Ranked University Founding MFA Programme in Creative Writing in Hong Kong 
and Asia

+ The Best MFA for Exploring Craft in the History of English and Multilingual Writing

+ Fantastic Colleagues and Community for Life-Long Friendships 
and Practices

+ 10 Years of Experience 
in Supporting Creative Writing within Global Contexts

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MFA Course Details

The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing in English is currently offered full-time over one academic year. Designed to support the multilingual creative writer, as well as all writers currently drafting in English, this unique studio-based curriculum consists of six single-semester courses and one full-year capstone experience of the Creative Thesis. Courses in the programme feature Global Foundation courses, Advanced Workshops, and Craft Courses for all writers, including unique Black Box Studio design courses for the creative writer, as well as sustained Individual Advising for each writer. Each of these courses will contribute to the writer’s own vision and culminating Creative Thesis, while emphasising the rigorous coursework, readings and studies needed to realise it.

  • A leader in focusing on the demands for the 21st century multilingual creative writer.
  • An interdisciplinary “Built Environment” of design to support the Creative Writer in our era of visual and multimedia production.
  • An intensive 1-year MFA programme, dedicated to the study of craft and design to hold across time. We focus on the novel, memoir, play, short story, screenplay, poetry and other multimedia fluid-genre work.

ENGL7507: Creative Foundations I
ENGL7508: Creative Foundations II
ENGL7996: Capstone Experience
ENGL7509: Creative Life Stories
ENGL7510: Workshopping Your Creative Vision
ENGL7511: Ritual, Habit and Creative Practice

HKD$280,000 per annum

Candidates who have accepted a conditional offer will be asked to pay the 1st instalment of tuition fees.

Once you have paid the initial deposit to secure your place on the programme, please note that it is NOT transferable to other MA Programmes at HKU or refundable in any way.

What’s Inside?

Journeying Literary Journal


A powerful new brand at The University of Hong Kong sparking ongoing curiosity and care in multilingual creative writings, joining on new waves of international curation with multimedia arts.

The Situation Room
The Vessel: A New Experience of Robotics
HKU Creative Writing Lab
Moving Poetry
HKU International Creative Writing Prize
HKU Life Story Prize
6 Cups of Coffee
Exquisite Landings of the Footless Bird
Ties That Bind
HKU NightGuild
Mapping the Hours
Girl Code
Happiness Showcase 2024

HKU GUILD Happiness Showcase 2024

Meet and greet more than 100 designers and writers of the 21st century. Signature projects in creative communications and writing are igniting visions of care and community to last over time.

夢由 Walking On Air
Orpheus Cabaret
Weird Pool Party
Hansel & Gretel
Only Through Time: Minding the Gap
Urban Islands
Mari the Sea

Considering the MFA from HKU?

Applications are now being accepted on rolling admissions for the 2024-2025 MFA degree commencing September 2024.

Application Deadlines

Round 1: 29 Dec, 2023 at Noon (HKT)
Round 2: 5 Apr, 2024 at Noon (HKT)

  • 1 academic year of intensive full-time study with fellow creative writers inside a vibrant campus community
  • Key development of lifelong habits in craft, revision, and collaborative partnerships to continue to strengthen individual work of creative writing and original innovations of fluid and contemporary genre decisions
  • Innovative courses, workshops, and partnerships to customize and tailor the MFA to each writer’s evolving needs during the programme
  • Encouragement of artistic exchanges and interactive participation with fellow creative writers and artists, a range of audience, and networks of publishers and agents
  • Preparation of a sophisticated, masterful, and compelling creative manuscript eligible for circulation to presses, publishing houses, and agents at the conclusion of the programme
  • Discovery of individual paths upon graduation: including, international publication; local and overseas positions in lecturing, teaching, and coaching; and striking changes of career, rooted in new-found confidence and discovery of excellence in fresh writing and perspective

  • Opportunities to explore and change specialization, with close guidance by experts throughout the programme
  • Exciting and prestigious creative opportunities to participate in the Life of the Writer on campus: including interactive work in the HKU Black Box Studio and Theatre, the literary journal Yuan Yang; the award-winning Moving Poetry series, the HKU International Poetry Prize, and the HKU Life Writing Centre, to name just a few
  • Prime opportunities to join the HKU Guild, and continue the exciting work of creation in the wide array of options and artistic openings offered to members
  • A powerful and unique home of study for the multilingual creative writer, joined with the HKU Black Box Studio and fellow designers, creating groundbreaking territory in the field

  • Top lecturers in the field: accredited at the top Creative Writing Programmes internationally, including Boston University, University of Michigan, and Oxford University
  • The invitation to join the larger communities and outreach of our prestigious faculty and students at the University of Hong Kong: opportunities to join ongoing interactive exchanges with local and overseas partners in the academy, the arts, and creative writing worldwide
  • The strength of local and international collaborations with major institutions on global partnerships

Application Guide
Admission Requirements
Concurrent Studies
Visa for Studies
Required Supporting Documents

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