The generosity of our Donors impacts the HKU GUILD, the culture of The University of Hong Kong and the community. We offer the young and experienced a unique space to collaborate and to try new ideas on projects of passion and insight, generating friendships that last a lifetime. Learn more about how you can help us build the HKU GUILD!

A History of Excellence

The distinguished HKU Professor Douglas Kerr put his finger on the pulse:
We venerate our great creative artists, but everyone values creativity.

Globally for Most International University (2019 Times Higher Education Rankings)
Globally for Impact (2019 Times Higher Education Rankings)
in the World Overall (2019 QS World University Rankings)

Contribute to one of the most prestigious Arts & Research programmes in the world.

The HKU GUILD sets a gold standard in Hong Kong and worldwide, attested by our partners and life-long friends for more than ten years. The HKU GUILD discovers and uniquely builds creative ideas across the arts and sciences to last over time.

On deep and strong ground of unexpected foundations, from literature to mathematics, scholarship and stage performance, the HKU GUILD was born. It now stands internationally as a model collective of continuity and breakthrough design.

In 2012 The GUILD was founded on the new Centennial Campus by the Chair of Creative Writing & Theatre, Dr Page Richards, joined with passionate partners, students and the community, along with the ongoing and generous support from the Faculty of Arts and School of English.

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Let’s keep building the GUILD, a gold-standard for taste, expertise, and the courage to create.

A small gift or anchor donation of heart keeps the GUILD happy and growing. Play a part in our one-of-a-kind magnet for innovation, continuity of generations, and leadership for generations to come. Discover our history, our home, our core of inseparable creativity and research in multilingual vision at the HKU GUILD.

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The HKU GUILD treasures learning more with you. Join with us. We will find creative connections where there are boundaries. We will work together in mutual care. We will dance into the future with innovative partnerships in the arts and sciences. We will explore with you, our passionate community, exquisite attention to new experiences and ideas.

Where can I donate?

The HKU GUILD is home to more than 10 innovative and interdisciplinary programmes. If you are looking to explore options for donating or interested in learning more about the ever growing collection of programmes and projects of the HKU GUILD, contact the Director.

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