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Announcing: 遊誌JOURNEYING

The literary journal Yuan Yang: A Journal of Hong Kong and International Writing has been relaunched, reborn, and set to sail.

We invite you, from the School of English and the HKU Guild, to take a look and submit your original works!

遊誌JOURNEYING celebrates 21st-century multilingual writers and writings. We begin, rooted where we are, here in Hong Kong, on predominantly English and Chinese platforms, growing through Hindi, Korean, African, French, Spanish, and many more languages in our issues to come. 遊誌JOURNEYING opens new questions and dimensions of what we call the growing built environment of language and image. 

遊誌JOURNEYING welcomes writers, multimedia artists, and researchers to contribute the “many and missing” undulations of your experiences and feelings. 

Born at the University of Hong Kong, 遊誌JOURNEYING is now reborn from the award-winning journal previously known as Yuan Yang: A Journal of Hong Kong and International Writing

YY has published works of fiction, poetry, plays, life writing, interviews for 20-plus years. It has been a home to works of writers from Japan, Italy, Singapore, Nigeria, Sweden, Greece, Macau, Hong Kong, who are passionate about writing in English.

In this historic stage of uncertainty, we hope that 遊誌JOURNEYING encourages writers, artists and researchers to innovate the otherwise unimaginable possibilities to shape and reshape their stories and ongoing slices of life in a beautiful new way. We are looking forward also to working together with contributors on curating writings, artworks, and multimedia productions from all over the world. 遊誌JOURNEYING cannot wait to showcase the dynamics of the new interactive global environment. 

We encourage those who are interested in submitting to 遊誌JOURNEYING to look closely at the Submission Guidelines, or to contact us at [email protected] directly with questions!Submissions are open year-round.

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