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Announcing: 夢由 Walking On Air

An exquisite new dance choreographed by four innovative artists from Hong Kong Ballet.

A vibrant young woman coming of age in the city, Ivana is on track toward success. Yet, she is starting to lose steam and her own vital energy in a 21st century maze of expectations. She is even starting to lose her “desire to desire” something more in her life. As jer body teeters and walks a grid of long hours, packed schedules, and the pressures of perfections, she is trying to hold the line. A surprise encounter of the ‘5 Walks’ will awaken Ivana’s future, her wider curiosity and inner creativity.

Presented by The Box, Freespace. Produced by The HKU Black Box & Guild. Participation by Luis Cabrera, Sarita Chan, Jingyi Feng, and Jon Spigner by kind permission of Hong Kong Ballet.

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