About the GUILD

The HKU GUILD is a multilingual and interdisciplinary creative home, rooted in deep care and research, to more than 10 interactive and inspired programmes and projects. HKU is proud to offer an experienced, inviting, and exciting open space, ready to help bring your vision to life. Explore a history of excellence and build your story, at the GUILD!

The HKU GUILD was founded in 2014 on the new Centennial Campus by the Chair of Creative Writing & Theatre, Page Richards, in the Faculty of Arts and School of English, pouring passion and mastery into new productions and events year-round.

Across history, Artistic Guilds are mobile, participatory, and flexible. Worldwide, they are built on the idea of family and fellowship, continuity and excellence, passing the torch of craft and exploration to the younger members of our communities.

Artistic Guilds come together for building new creative works, making communal connections, exploring mutual care, and the pursuit of common goals into the unknown.


The GUILD deeply thanks the Faculty of Arts headed by the Dean, Professor Derek Collins, the School of English, and each of these Honoured Contributors, whose talents and dreams continue to build the GUILD and carry us into the future.

Grace Lee Baughan

Peter Baughan

Georgina Challen

Eugene Chan

Cyrus Chan

Janice Chan

Sarita Chan

Jamie Chang

Maria Chaudhuri

Wilson Chik

Fiona Chung

James Draper

Yuh Egami

Kimberly Elkins

Kate Fassbinder

Tiffany Fong

Marcelle Freiman

Agatha Fung

Wendy Gan

John Hadaway

Monica Zionede Hall

Michelle Hamadache

Yeji Y. Ham

Yang Hao

Dennis Haskell

Aarti Hemnani

Cindy Hui

Elaine Ho

Ellen W. Kaplan

Douglas Kerr

Lo Wan Ki

Florian Knothe

Kuffy Ko

Gray Kochhar-Lindgren

Jessica Kok

Francisca Kwok

Bonnie Kwong

Heidi Lee

Leanna Lee

Anwen Leung

Polo Leung

Shirley Geok-lin Lim

Belle Ling

Barbie Liu

Daryl Lo

Ka Man Lo

Wiki Lo

Marina Ma

Michael Mandlin

Saffron Marchant

Dino Mahoney

Jennifer McMahon

Jane Messer

Yoshiko Nakano

Yeeqin New

Jessica Ng

Simon Ng

Adam O’Riordan

A. Philipchuk

Anthony Pinder

Ploi Pirapoken

Dominic Platz

Sharon Rai

Rinkoo Ramchandani

Jonathan Reuven

Christopher Ross-Ewart

Shane Sakhrani

Huiwen Shi

Brittani Sonnenberg

Sonal Srivastava

Michelle Sterling

Paul Tam

Hsu-Ming Teo

Luis R. Torres

Irene Tsang

Bernadette Tsui

Ingrid Wan

Septime Webre

Michaele Whelan

Joyce Hei Ting Wong

Jasmine Woo

Yvonne Yu

Meet the Director

Page Richards graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania in mathematics, from Harvard University with a Ph.D. in literature and poetry, and with a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Boston University. She has also studied at the Playwrights’ Theatre in Boston and has contributed to theatre, script development, and film production in Hollywood.

Dr Page Richards
Chair of Creative Writing & Theatre

Director, HKU MFA, HKU Guild, HKU School of English

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