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Art in MTR Video Making Project

Exploring the cultural beauty and heritage of the MTR by Videographers and Content Creators at The HKU MACC/MFA

At the HKU Guild and the HKU MACC/MFA we are delighted to partner with the MTR Corporation Limited 香港鐵路有限公司 and the Arts for Good Foundation.

This last year five postgraduate teams from HKU joined with the MTR to explore the cultural beauty and heritage of selected stations with fresh eyes.

To tell the ‘life story’ of a heritage site and living station invites the very act of revisiting one’s own life, too: where we learn more and see more, about ourselves and our families, weaving together over time.

Yau Tong, Ho Man Tin, Sham Shui Po, South Horizons, and Exhibition Centre all awoke to the five teams’ vivid attention and revealed unexpected intersections!

We now enter their close gaze and the deep care of each team’s unique fingerprint:

  • We join a contemporary lunch hour rush at Yau Tong, shared on surprise with enduring figures of companionship, and a bouquet of love
  • We are beckoned to the adjoining playgrounds of Ho Man Tin, where contemplation and joy sing together with the station’s history and unexpected reserves of nature
  • Sparks of bright red chairs will invite us to pause at Sham Shui Po, like button red stars, waiting with open arms to our shared quiet, new experiences and our dreams
  • A small and delicate ‘stamp’ of the green leaf surprisingly opens the metal turnstile to the burgeoning trove of our new stories, growing every day at South Horizons
  • And the spots of time and memory bubbling at Exhibition Centre sparkle like water, streaming us through our individual bubbles into the steady stream of encountering and caring for one another every day

There is a truly a poem in the air of each MTR Station, a poem far too often out of hearing, when we slow down and care.

You’ll find each poem attached to the videos, inviting you to come closer and explore again the beautiful maze of stations joining our lives together every day in Hong Kong.

Thank you again from the HKU Guild to the MACC/MFA Teams and Teachers, to the Arts for Good Foundation, and to the MTR Corporation Limited 香港鐵路有限公司 for making each one of these vital and vivid neighborhoods and stations of our lives come alive anew!

Red Chair

Sham Shui Po Station

Open arms
– Waiting for you at Sham Shui Po

紅色塑膠凳 -香港大學深水埗組

– 深水埗不見不散

Nature Stays in Ho Man Tin

Ho Man Tin Station

As I cross the tunnel down the street
The playground halfway up the hill is not as far as it might seem
Going on past the footbridge
I am floating on air in my daydreams
The wind roams as I wander
The past is preserved in the new traces of time
Let the reminiscence bring us forward to the future

Sparrows listen as people say
And sing for Ho’s and Man’s farms
There goes the subway

Trees intertwined like a song Earth writes to the sky
Looking back on my way
I see high-rise buildings touch the sky

I lie down and look up at the wandering cloud above
The wind blows my doubts away
I see blue skies again as dreamers
The past is preserved in the natural playgrounds of Ho Man Tin

Green Leaf

South Horizons Station

Our stories
Day and Night
At South Horizons


Infinity (淼淼)

Exhibition Center Station

“If water were memory, what would it remember?”
What would it remember?
What will it remember?
Keep the memories of Exhibition Center.


Yao Tong Station

There will be a similar soul as yours in the world

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